The 2017 Honda Accord is the Complete Package in Lufkin, TX

Sedans and coupes that do many things well, and aren’t just notable in one way, are the ones you end up enjoying driving long-term. A vehicle such as the 2017 Honda Accord falls under this big-picture category, with every one of the major selling points a car shopper looks for extensively covered in thorough fashion.

The smooth ride quality of the Accord is noticeable from your very first drive, as the bumps you may have formally been used to are no longer there and the bouncing in the driver’s seat you may normally experience no longer impacts your time spent commuting. You’ll also find any cramped interior discomfort to be a thing of the past, as the Accord offers extremely generous leg, shoulder hip and head room to both the driver and passenger in the front and to your guests seated in the back.

Features complement both look and feel in the Accord, with flashy 16-inch alloy wheels coming standard to impressive those you drive by and Bluetooth to connect your phone and audio inside of the vehicle. With strong safety crash test ratings and the available Honda Sensing safety suite of active safety features, you’ll surely be able to enjoy the amenities surrounding you with some added peace of mind included.

Ready to test drive the complete package in the 2017 Honda Accord? Loving Honda is just a quick phone call or drive away!


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