Simple Spring Car Cleaning Tips for Your Honda

While here in Lufkin, Texas we don't have to deal with the hassle that comes with winter, the temperatures are getting hotter and car care is essential at all times of the year. To help you breeze through your spring car cleaning, we have a few tips that you can use on your Honda.

First things first, give your Honda a nice exterior and interior wash. Remove any items that that have been sitting in your vehicle for the past few months and serve no purpose. Remove any debris or grime from the exterior, so your Honda can maintain its pristine paint and finish.

Next check your vehicle's tire pressure. While the temperatures never get too cool here in Texas, fluctuating temperatures of any sort do have the tendency to impact your tire pressure. You can easily do this by yourself, or you can get the assistance of a professional. Finally, check under the hood for any lose or cracked hoses or belts. Also be sure to check your vehicle's coolant and oil to be sure they aren't low or in need of service. If so, we know a team that can assist you.

Looking for a little assistance with the aforementioned, our service team would be more than happy to assist you. We have experience working with drivers from all over Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Livingston, Woodville and Huntington. Whether you need a small or more comprehensive service, contact our team to schedule an appointment at your convenience.


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