Should You Switch Your Honda to Synthetic Engine Oil?

Once your car gets to a certain mileage, it's almost a sure bet that you're going to be asked one question at every oil change, time and: "Change to synthetic oil?" Because synthetic oil costs almost twice as much as conventional oil, it's not a decision to make lightly. Synthetic oil manufacturers claim your engine will perform better after you switch, but is it really worth the extra cost?

Since most auto manufacturers don't require synthetic coil, your owner's manual isn't going to answer the question. And if yours does, you probably already know that you need it, since you're likely driving a high-performance vehicle -- or one equipped with a turbo- or supercharged engine.

It's true that synthetic oil usually lasts longer than conventional oil, so you should expect to drive at least 7,500 miles between oil changes. Given that you're cutting the number of oil changes roughly in half, that does reduce the financial impact of the switch. It's also worth noting that high mileage engines may benefit from a switch, thanks to less engine sludge being created.

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