Make the Smart Move and Get Your Auto Loan Pre-Approved

You can really do yourself a big favor and get your auto loan pre-approved. That means that you ask a lender to go over your credit situation and come up with the maximum amount of a loan that you can get to finance your new or used car purchase. You do this in advance of traveling to a dealership to look at cars, and then attempt to get financing.

Do this in advance, and you will relieve yourself from all the worry and headaches that can occur if you try to match the car to any financing that you might be able to get at that time. It is much better to walk into a situation where you want to buy a car and know already what you have to spend.

You can go directly to our Loving Honda website and fill out the application form and submit it to our finance department. They will get back to you in short order with your amount. Once you have that information, you are not shooting in the dark for a new vehicle in Lufkin, TX area!

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