Honda Leads the Way in Developing Advanced Fuel Cell Technologies

Earlier this month, Honda celebrated National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to raise awareness of technologies that can help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions while also increasing our country's energy security.

For nearly two decades, Honda has been an automotive industry leader in developing and implementing fuel cell technologies through real-world testing and use, including establishing the industry's first retail leasing program and signing government fleet customers.

The list of Honda fuel cell firsts includes the world's first production fuel cell vehicle and the first EPA-certified fuel cell vehicle; in addition, Honda was the first manufacturer to establish a fuel cell vehicle dealer network and the first automaker to build a fuel cell vehicle on a production line that was specifically created for fuel cell vehicles.

Honda has delivered more than 450 Clarity Fuel Cell vehicles to customers, a great start to its declared goal of seeing electrified vehicles -- including fuel cell, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and battery-electric vehicles -- make up at least two-thirds of its global vehicle sales by the year 2030.

At Loving Honda, we're excited to be teamed up with an automaker that's dedicated to developing the next generation of mobility answers.

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