Scratched paint? No Problem! DIY touch-up paint

In Lufkin, you encounter plenty of hazards that threaten your car’s paint job – rogue shopping carts, low-hanging branches, people whom don’t know how to park, etc. This is usually perceived as a significant cost of time and money to address. This is not the case, however. You can easily fix this yourself!

First, clan the scratch and sand it lightly with 220-grit sand paper. Be sure to repeatedly wash it out with soapy water and a garden hose as you do so.

Once dry, if the scratch penetrates all paint layers, apply primer. Once it dries, sand it to a smooth consistency with 600-grit sand paper. Clean the primer and towel dry to remove debris. Clean the primer and towel dry to remove debris.

Next, mix your paint per instructions, and apply lightly with a small brush, a toothpick, the end of a match stick or a similar precise tool. Once dry, you’re done!

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