Take Care of Your Car's Tires

Driving on troubled tires isn't a good idea. A car owner's responsibilities must include taking proper care of your tires. A blowout on the road could lead a severe accident. Following basic, traditional steps for tire care could prevent such a mishap.

Check your manual to determine the correct tire pressure for the vehicle. If the tire isn't properly inflated, then add air. Anyone unable to do so on his/her own should request a mechanic to handle the job. Driving on low tire pressure can wear down the treads, which further creates accident risks. Treads also wear down from age and use. As the treads diminish, a tire won't be able to maintain traction on the road. Poor traction can be hazardous even in nice weather.

Don't drive around with worn, underinflated tires. Come to Loving Honda and have our mechanics check the tires out and replace them if necessary.



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