Can Gear Shifting Issues Relate to Transfer Cases?

Both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles bring plenty of benefits to the table for the people who drive them and thus are in great demand. Vehicles that can switch between both are often in even greater demand due to their unique capabilities. The physical components that make this transition possible are called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special gearboxes that attach to regular transmissions. When engaged, these gearboxes take torque from the transmission and send energy to each individual tire. This serves to convert 2-wheel drive cars into 4-wheel drive powerhouses. That said, transfer cases can cause issues if not properly and regularly serviced. If you drive a vehicle with a transfer case, and you've noticed issues with gear-shifting, the transfer case may be the culprit.

At our service center, we field skilled, experienced, and certified transmission technicians. They specialize in diagnosing and repairing transmission and transfer case problems, and they are ready to extend this service to your vehicle. To have your gear-shifting issues accurately diagnosed, stop into our showroom at Loving Honda today!

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