Discover a More Simple Way to Jump Start a Vehicle

Here's a simple guide on how you should jump-start your car, prepared for you by the Honda parts and repair team at Loving Honda. You'll only need some work gloves, safety glasses, and jumper cables to get started.

  • Bring the nose of the working car to the nose of the one being jumped.
  • Open the hood of both vehicles and locate the battery.
  • Make sure the car lights and ignition have been turned off before starting.
  • Your jumper cables have four clamps, two red and two black. One red goes on the positive part of the good battery, and the other red connects to the bad battery's positive side.
  • The black goes to the negative side of the good battery, and the other black clamp is going to be attached to any metal surface of the car that will be jumped to reduce the chances of sparks.
  • Turn over the engine, let it run two minutes, and then you can try to start the other car.

After the car is running again, come to our auto service facility in Lufkin, Texas so we can inspect the battery.

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