Another Reason Your Engine Can be Damaged

You know to change your oil at the recommended intervals to maintain your engine. After all, replacing it is expensive. You might not know all of the maintenance that you should be doing to ensure that your engine doesn't overheat. This, as well, can cause expensive damage to your engine, which will require repair or replacement.

Extreme temperatures in the summer can nudge your coolant over its boiling point. If this happens, your engine will overheat. This is also true if your coolant is low or needs replacement. Finally, if your vehicle has a faulty water pump, hose damage, or a bad radiator, the engine is likely to overheat.

If you notice signs of overheating, turn off your vehicle immediately. Otherwise, pistons, valves, and other important components can be damaged. You should also have hoses and coolant levels checked regularly, and ask your mechanic to flush your coolant periodically.



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