How to Prevent Rodent Damage

If you’re like most drivers, you want your car to be as clean and maintenance-free as possible, and we at Loving Honda want you to be aware of potential risks like rodents and the damage they can do to your vehicle. Stop and speak to our professionals who are available to offer tips and show you the products that can help. Rodents that get under the hood can cause damage to hoses, clamps and wires as well as to the engine. Here are some ways you can prevent rodent damage.

  • Keep food away from the car.
  • Keep hood open when parked in a garage.
  • Set traps on tires or near vehicle.
  • Cover openings with screens.
  • Avoid parking by trees or brush.
  • Keep area surrounding vehicle clean.

Don’t wait until rodents have done lasting damage to your car. Come to the Honda service shop to talk to our professionals and allow us to service your car.



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