Keep Pet Hair inside Your Car Under Control with a Homemade Roller

While you may love having your dog ride with you everywhere you go, you may hate all of the hair your pet leaves caked to the seats. We at Loving Honda wish to share with you a simple way to keep the hair on your car seats under control using a handmade roller.

Although you can purchase a lint roller to pick up some of the hair, they normally do not have enough strength to pull hair out of your car's deep upholstery. However, if you wrap tape around your hand so that the adhesive sticks out, you can pick up more hair than with a store-bought roller. You only need to brush your hand along the surface of the seats, then replace the tape once it is full of hair.

While using a homemade roller will not pick up all of the hair, this method can help keep the hair from piling up between professional detailing appointments.



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