Blind Spot Sensors Save the Day

Thousands of accidents occur in the United States every year with at least 300 fatal crashes being related to blind spots. For those who are unaware, a blind spot is an area in which the driver is unable to see a car or pedestrian by just using the side and rearview mirrors provided.

Dozens of children are run over in parking lots every year due to drivers being unable to see them. Motor vehicles are not immune from blind spots as hundreds of accidents involving bigger vehicles often involve the driver being unable to see another vehicle impeding the opportunity to safely change lanes.

Car manufacturers understand the dangers of blind spots, which is why they have installed sensors and cameras in newer vehicles that are meant to help drivers get a better picture on the road. Cameras with sensors on the back of the car tell a driver if a pedestrian or object is too close to the vehicle when the car is in reverse. Meanwhile, side sensors installed on the mirrors typically blink to let the driver know that he is coming too close to a car in another lane.

The latest technologies that manufacturers offer on new cars and trucks sometimes makes drivers wonder how they navigated without all of the special gadgets. Such wondering is definitely the case for those who heavily rely on blind spot sensors to help them avoid collisions.



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