Why is an Alternator so Important? Let's Find Out

Our team at Loving Honda likes to offer useful information to drivers that can help them extend the life of their vehicles. Your vehicle has many components that need to work properly to keep it running smoothly. An alternator is an important part of your vehicle's starting and charging system, and if you keep it in good condition, it will help your vehicle last longer.

An alternator has two primary functions. It keeps the battery charged when the vehicle is running, and it also keeps electrical components, such as the air conditioning system, headlights, and windshield wipers working properly. If the alternator fails, then your vehicle may suddenly shut down while you're driving.

If you jumpstart your battery only to find that your vehicle dies shortly after, then stop by and let us inspect your alternator. Your alternator may also need to be inspected if you notice the smell of burning rubber, a shrieking noise under the hood, or flickering headlights.



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