Have you noticed a vibration when you drive? What about a screeching or grinding noise? Has your car lost power or become difficult to maneuver recently? There are a few issues that come up when you have a cracked belt or hose. For one, if it’s a timing belt issue, your engine may backfire or completely fail when you try to start up your car. However, these problems tend to start out small and develop into bigger issues. This is why it’s important to have your car checked every 3,000 miles for problems with your belts and hoses.

Serpentine belts are another problem for older cars. If these crack or leak, then it could mean the loss of power steering for your car. Coolant hoses can also break and leak antifreeze over your engine, which is why it’s important to always check these hoses during an oil change. If you notice warning signs such as rough vibrations when you drive, screeching noises, grinding, leaks under your car, or overheating, then you should probably take it in right away.

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