The Honda Insight Is a Standout Hybrid

Hybrid cars grew in popularity thanks, in part, to increased environmental consciousness. Plus, there's a "hip factor" to quality hybrids. The Honda Insight does have fans that appreciate all the features the model delivers. Once would-be buyers learn about the sleek car's attributes, they might think about making a purchase.

The technological features are impressive. When driving the Honda Insight, technologically advanced Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) makes driving a bit easier. Drivers can set a "following interval" that eliminates the need to change speeds manually. Also, drivers who spend time on the highway will appreciate getting thrifty mileage. City driving delivers an impressive economy.

The intriguing 3-mode drive system lets drivers pick how the vehicle handles. ECON mode boosts range, Sport mode gets the vehicle moving faster, and EV mode runs on pure electric for short distance travels.

Try all three modes on a test drive in Lufkin. The team at Loving Honda feels you'll appreciate all the Insight's features.


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