Maintaining the correct amount of air pressure in your tires is very important for several reasons. Failure to maintain the correct amount of pressure can be dangerous on the road, can result in a flat tire or blowout and can even reduce your fuel economy. Although newer vehicles typically have an air pressure monitoring system, the tires should still be checked periodically. Stop and see our professionals at Loving Honda for more information. Here are some important facts about tire pressure.

• The amount of pressure your vehicle needs is listed on the sticker inside the door or in the owner’s manual.
• The amount of pressure listed on the tire is for the tire and not appropriate for the car.
• An over-inflated tire can be as bad as an under-inflated tire.
• Proper air pressure can help increase fuel efficiency.

For the best maintenance, bring your vehicle to our Lufkin shop and allow us to service the vehicle, change the tires or provide you with the correct air pressure.


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