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How High Temps and Low Temps Affect Your Battery

Most of us at one time or another will experience battery trouble with a vehicle.

Nine times out of ten, that trouble will happen on a day that is either extremely cold or extremely hot. Temperature extremes can have a negative impact on battery performance in many different applications. This is because lead-acid batteries generate power through a chemical reaction process. Chemical reactions are sensitive to temperature and humidity among other factors.

The reaction taking place inside your car battery can be simplified as the transfer of ions between lead and lead dioxide plates...

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Don't Overlook Signs of Brake Trouble

The braking system on your vehicle is complex. The system works on fluid pressure that starts with pressing the brake pedal. The brake pedal should feel firm, and the car should slow noticeably when a driver applies pressure. For many drivers, a soft pedal is the first sign of brake system problems.

Local drivers rely upon good brakes to keep themselves and their riders safe. At the first sign of brake problems, it is important to consult with an expert. Trouble signs include poor braking and traces of leaking fluids. Good brakes are essential for driving safety.

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Why A Dash Cam Is a Great Addition to Your Car

Here at Loving Honda, we believe that an informed and knowledgeable vehicle owner is a happy vehicle owner. As such, we wanted to take a moment to let you know a little more about one of the more popular vehicle accessories on the market today - the dash cam.

A dash cam is exactly what it sounds like - a camera that sits on your dashboard. It is particularly helpful if you get into a traffic accident, or have any issues in parking garages or when navigating around pedestrians. The camera will be able to prove exactly what happened if the other…

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Are Rubber or Carpet Floor Mats Better?

If it's time for you to get some new floor mats for your vehicle, you might be wondering if it is better to go with carpet or rubber mats. The choice ultimately depends on the type of use that your vehicle receives.

If you live in an area of the country that gets a lot of rain and snow, you should probably get rubber mats as they are easier to clean. Rubber mats are also better if you have pets that will be traveling in the car frequently. Mats made from carpet material will look nicer, and they are…

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Discover a More Simple Way to Jump Start a Vehicle

Here's a simple guide on how you should jump-start your car, prepared for you by the Honda parts and repair team at Loving Honda. You'll only need some work gloves, safety glasses, and jumper cables to get started.

  • Bring the nose of the working car to the nose of the one being jumped.
  • Open the hood of both vehicles and locate the battery.
  • Make sure the car lights and ignition have been turned off before starting.
  • Your jumper cables have four clamps, two red and two black. One red goes on the positive part of the good battery…
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Advantages of Automatic Transmissions

Most new cars today come with automatic transmissions as they tend to be easier for people to drive. They may also be beneficial for those who are going up hills or other steep inclines. As a driver doesn't need to focus on changing gears, he or she can spend more time focusing on the road.

This can be advantageous for those who are just starting out as drivers. It can also be beneficial during snowy or rainy weather conditions when it may be necessary to focus on both the road and the actions of other drivers. Having an automatic…

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Can Gear Shifting Issues Relate to Transfer Cases?

Both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles bring plenty of benefits to the table for the people who drive them and thus are in great demand. Vehicles that can switch between both are often in even greater demand due to their unique capabilities. The physical components that make this transition possible are called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special gearboxes that attach to regular transmissions. When engaged, these gearboxes take torque from the transmission and send energy to each individual tire. This serves to convert 2-wheel drive cars into 4-wheel drive powerhouses.

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Does the Oil Need to Be Changed Every 3,000 Miles?

Checking the oil is certainly one of the most important things when it comes to regular maintenance and upkeep of a vehicle. One question that comes to mind when it comes to oil is if the oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. That has been the advice for a very long time. The thing is that is not always the thing to do.

The changing of oil every 3,000 miles is something that was actually started by quick lube shops in order for them to garner business. While it is certainly a good thing to have…

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Loving Honda Offers a Convenient Online Service Scheduler To Make Your Life Easier!

Technology has continued to advance tremendously over the years, which is exactly why we here at Loving Honda are constantly striving to keep up with the trends. Do you need your Honda vehicle serviced in the near future? Are you always so busy between work and the kids that you hardly have the time to even book an appointment for service? Well, worry not, because Loving Honda offers a convenient online service scheduler that can be completed in just a few minutes! We always try to make things easy for our valued customers.

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What Are Those Dashboard Warning Lights Trying To Tell You?

Those lights on your dashboard indeed are always very important to pay attention to, as they communicate key bits of information that are relevant to your safe day-to-day driving. Due to advancements in technology, automobiles are installed with sophisticated built-in sensors that detect and self-diagnose problems in the system. Here are some of the most common issues indicated in the dashboard of your Honda model.

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