Advantages of Automatic Transmissions

Most new cars today come with automatic transmissions as they tend to be easier for people to drive. They may also be beneficial for those who are going up hills or other steep inclines. As a driver doesn't need to focus on changing gears, he or she can spend more time focusing on the road.

This can be advantageous for those who are just starting out as drivers. It can also be beneficial during snowy or rainy weather conditions when it may be necessary to focus on both the road and the actions of other drivers. Having an automatic…

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Can Gear Shifting Issues Relate to Transfer Cases?

Both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles bring plenty of benefits to the table for the people who drive them and thus are in great demand. Vehicles that can switch between both are often in even greater demand due to their unique capabilities. The physical components that make this transition possible are called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special gearboxes that attach to regular transmissions. When engaged, these gearboxes take torque from the transmission and send energy to each individual tire. This serves to convert 2-wheel drive cars into 4-wheel drive powerhouses.

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Does the Oil Need to Be Changed Every 3,000 Miles?

Checking the oil is certainly one of the most important things when it comes to regular maintenance and upkeep of a vehicle. One question that comes to mind when it comes to oil is if the oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. That has been the advice for a very long time. The thing is that is not always the thing to do.

The changing of oil every 3,000 miles is something that was actually started by quick lube shops in order for them to garner business. While it is certainly a good thing to have…

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Loving Honda Offers a Convenient Online Service Scheduler To Make Your Life Easier!

Technology has continued to advance tremendously over the years, which is exactly why we here at Loving Honda are constantly striving to keep up with the trends. Do you need your Honda vehicle serviced in the near future? Are you always so busy between work and the kids that you hardly have the time to even book an appointment for service? Well, worry not, because Loving Honda offers a convenient online service scheduler that can be completed in just a few minutes! We always try to make things easy for our valued customers.

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What Exactly Is Horsepower?

Horsepower has several definitions. The most basic meaning of horsepower is the amount of work that is done over time. When it comes to vehicles, it is the amount of power that is produced by the engine. It is precisely defined as a unit of power that is equal to 550-foot-pounds per second. This amount of power is also equal to 745.7 watts.

What this means is that if a person sees that an engine is able to produce 400 horsepower, it means that the engine is able to produce 298,280 watts of power. Obviously, the higher the…

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What Are Those Dashboard Warning Lights Trying To Tell You?

Those lights on your dashboard indeed are always very important to pay attention to, as they communicate key bits of information that are relevant to your safe day-to-day driving. Due to advancements in technology, automobiles are installed with sophisticated built-in sensors that detect and self-diagnose problems in the system. Here are some of the most common issues indicated in the dashboard of your Honda model.

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Why are Worn Out Car Tires Extremely Dangerous?

Tire tread is what keeps your vehicle on the road even in inclement weather. When the tread begins to wear away, so does the driver's ability to keep control at higher speeds. Consider these reasons to have your tires checked at the dealership for tire wear.

As the tread on the car tires starts wearing away, it takes the vehicle longer to come to a stop. If you try to hit the brakes in an emergency, your car will take several feet longer to come to a halt when every inch counts. The obvious signs that the car tire…

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Make the Smart Move and Get Your Auto Loan Pre-Approved

You can really do yourself a big favor and get your auto loan pre-approved. That means that you ask a lender to go over your credit situation and come up with the maximum amount of a loan that you can get to finance your new or used car purchase. You do this in advance of traveling to a dealership to look at cars, and then attempt to get financing.

Do this in advance, and you will relieve yourself from all the worry and headaches that can occur if you try to match the car to any financing that you might…

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Honda Engine Plant in Ohio Has Built 25 Million Engines

Last month, employees at the Anna, Ohio Honda engine plant -- the largest Honda engine plant in the world -- celebrated building the 25 millionth engine since the facility opened in 1985.

Honda recently invested $47 million in the facility to produce the new engine lineup for the 2018 Honda Accord, including two direct-injected VTEC Turbo four-cylinder engines as well as the 2.0 i-VTEC Atkinson Cycle engine that powers the Honda Accord Hybrid. This recent investment brings the company's total investment at the Anna facility to more than $2.7 billion.

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Honda Leads the Way in Developing Advanced Fuel Cell Technologies

Earlier this month, Honda celebrated National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to raise awareness of technologies that can help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions while also increasing our country's energy security.

For nearly two decades, Honda has been an automotive industry leader in developing and implementing fuel cell technologies through real-world testing and use, including establishing the industry's first retail leasing program and signing government fleet customers.

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